Our history



Located in Castell’Alfero d‘Asti, the heart of Monferrato, the Gamba family has handed down the ancient art of the master cooper from father to son for seven generations. As early as the 1800's, oval and round casks, along with barrels and vats were being built in the skillful craftsmen’s workshop for Italy and its neighboring countries.

Today Eugenio Gamba and his son Mauro continue the tradition of the master cooper in the new workshop not far from the one in which production had always been carried out until 1991.
The old facility with an enchanting atmosphere that only time can instill, is currently used as a workshop for the large casks built exclusively to order. Over many decades, machines and work tools have changed to accommodate demand. Tradition is now supported by technology, yet Gamba's mission remains the same. To focus on selecting the finest wood so that wines crafted within the vessels we craft will improve and produce nothing but ultra premium quality after aging.

“Since I was a kid, I have always dreamed to be a cooper”. (Mauro Gamba)

2016: last year Gamba cooperage sold 300 big casks and 9500 barrels, increasing his customer base to 1000 clients worldwide

2015: New entries in the product range like the 500 liters roll fermenters and the forkliftable truncated cone vat

2013: Gamba starts building the special egg shaped tanks.

2007: Gamba develops a protocol to bend the barrels with steam and water. The “a vapore” barrels

2004: As a result of a cooperation with Banfi and Di Zio, Gamba build a new truncated cone vat combining the benefits of both stainless steel and oak to ferment and age the finest wines (Horizon patented tank)


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