In cooperation with the best Italian winemakers, Gamba has developed a 500 litres puncheon for fermenting the best "premium" red wines. Gamba cooperage developed a 500 litres puncheon for fermenting the best "premium" red wines all over the world, thanks to the installation of a 316 stainless steel top door and to the construction of a support with wheels to allow the rotation of the puncheon during fermentation.

In particular, the research recognized that oak staves act like ideal and diffuse micro-oxygenators making it possible to:
• Eliminate unpleasant reductive aromas caused by stress due to lack of oxygen in the yeasts. An oak vat has proven to create ideal conditions for enhancing cellular reproduction and yeast activity.
• Allow the oxygen and oak tannins to immediately enter the complex chemical process, thus leading to the proper combination of tannin anthocyanins and as a consequence, greater color retention.
• The oxygen uptake on young wines and musts is beneficial for better color through anthocyanin stabilization and rounder wines through polymerization of tannins resulting in softer and longer chain of tannins and age worthy wines.
• Decrease the reduction of the tannin - anthocyanin content with respect to fermentation that occurs in other non-oak containers.
During fermentation, the barrel can be rotated of 360 degrees on the support with the purpose-built wheels so that the cap can be easily broken, with a better homogenization of the solid with the liquid part, leading to a better full extraction.

During the various tests carried out the fermentation has never reached temperatures above 28 degrees Celsius, and wines have kept their varietal characters with good intensity. The size of the puncheon has brought to the result that the woody aromas are balanced and not overwhelming.

In the mouth it shows a better structure and overall we can identify this wood rotary fermentation technique as very respectful of the character of the grape varietal. Once the fermentation is over, thanks to the top lid we can turn our puncheon into a normal barrel for aging wine. The support is also easily movable with a forklift. 


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